Emilio Maniero was born in Padua in 1980. After a long career as a volleyball professional, he worked for a few years as a craftsman in the family business, specializing in the restoration of belfry cells. This allows him to learn many different techniques and to work with the most disparate materials but the desire for movement, the driving force that burns inside him, leads him to look beyond simple restoration.

This is me.

A motionless vortex

Since 2010 he has decided to release this creatve impetus, his artistic power, on iron plates and wooden planks, revealing the deepest veins, the ferrous layers hidden by time, transforming rust into colour, the old into absolute novelty. So Emilio becomes ManboTt.In this way the lines of the drawing, the signs of the artistic gesture, merge with the material itself, and generate a motionless vortex, which dances between artist and material, which reveals on the one hand the explosive soul of the artist, the physical necessity of expression that feeds its creativity, on the other hand the soul of the material, its desire to return to life, to be immobile but not inanimate, to be recovered by man.

The artisan technique is never hidden

In the works by ManboTt, paintings and design pieces, the artisan technique is never hidden, on the contrary. The signs of the workmanship, the incisions, the weldings, the passage of the plane on the wood and the blackened halos of the blowtorch remain evident.

The space.

There are so many ways to tell stories.

There are those who are good at inventing them, who to write them, who to remember them. I look for them in what I do, I imagine them in what I find, they are born in what I create.

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